Hello, :D

Alright, so this is my first post, i’m going to post new scene hair/girls/guys, that i find, i just love love love, scene hair.  so yeahh,

So, I found this picture yesterday, when I was on , the things that I love about this girl, is her…..eyes, so blue, lots of editing, or fake(contents), her hair, its blue, omg, cutee, i love how it goes up to your face, kinda. that’s how i want my hair, one day. not all blue, but yeah. and the birdd adds a greatt affect to the picture, but the nose, not i like the studd, or the nose ringg, the ring more. but i mean the bull ring to me, it kinda uglyy, i mean its cute on somepeople, like her. but its not my favorite.

but yeah. thats it for today. 😀  lots of love, Risa.


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